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Core research

Current research

  • F - INSAS / Cyborg - IINS
  • Physiofast - Heal
  • Embedded wearables
  • Cybernetics
  • Multicore hybrid systems

Previous research

Emotional quantification

Post Doctoral diploma

'Emotional quantification' for affective computing elements with the objectives of self adopting robotic assistance and ambient environment done in WSEAS

A new mode of Communication through Visual Evoked Potential signals

PhD Thesis

Research in area of bio signal processing for Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology from Multimedia University

Artificial Neural Network approach of Hybrid Horizontal Barcode Recognition

M. Phil. Thesis

Gained commendation form Bharathiyar University

Postgraduate Supervision


Mr. Manjunath, Ph.D


In the area of Intelligent vehicle control using embedded system

Mr. Girish Rao, Ph.D


In the area of Multimodal Biometrics using biosignals and sensors

Mr.Sathya Rajasekar, Ph. D


In the area of Multicore Biometrics using signal and Image fusion systems

Mrs. Rukumani, Ph. D


In the area of quality of service in Mobile sensor networks

Mr.Thomas Abraham, Ph. D


Oculogram based Machine Interfaces

Mr. Sathya Raja Sekaran, Ph. D


Multicore performance analysis on online bio signal analysis

Mr. Ramesh, Ph. D


Precision agriculture support through heterogeneous sensor based plant monitoring

Mr. Prakash, Ph. D


Tool wear monitoring through emitted sound signals processing

Mr. S. Karthik Selvaraj, Ph. D


Assistive Technology via Soft cyborg technologies


Mr.Vickneswaran, M.Engg by research


In the area of μ-Rhythm EEG Signal Processing

Mr.Rajibul Islam, M.I.T by research


In the area of cost effective fingerprint biometrics

Mr.Mohd-Tarmizie bin Mohd-Shahidan, M.Sc by research


In the area of biometric security system based on the teeth structure

Mr.Nasir G.Noma, M.IT


In the area of Photoplythesomography signal based health monitoring system

Mr.Nasser Mahdrel, M.I.T


In the area of Sign language and Photoplythesomography fused signal based security system

Mrs.Vergin Gnana Sarobin, Ph. D


In the area of MANET

Ms.Kalvina R, MS by Research


In affective robotic control

Ms.Nizar Banu, Ph. D


Advanced Clustering techniques on bioinformatics data

Mr. Ravindran, Ph. D


Dynamic Fuzzy clustering using Priori algorithms

Mrs Jennifer, M. Phil


Face Identification From Manipulated Images

Research funding

Rs 300000


UGC minor funding received as PI for Assistive Technology Project in 2016

Rs 1700000


UGC fund received with another member from Periyar University, for e-Learning smart environment

GBP 310000

Mahendra Engineering College , Bennett University and Royal Academy of UK

Lead contact and project incharge for trilateral project

RM 180000

TM Match Fund

Fund allocated for the Niche project of Wellness and emotional monitoring in workplace and applications in 2010 for my group

RM 8208

Multimedia University

Travel grant for attending IEEE Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, October 2010 in Istanbul

RM 281491

Ministry of Science, Malaysia

E-science fund for the project Design & Development of Human identification system using biomedical Signals

RM 7000

Multimedia University

Research design & development & innovation grant

RM 8200

Multimedia University

Internal research grant in 2004